Man Versus Machine—Audi RS 7 Piloted Driving Concept

The phenomenon of autonomous cars is no longer novel, with most big automakers making some sort of foray into the field, but Audi has taken it in a different direction than most. Instead of focusing on autonomous vehicles meant to function in everyday, real-world conditions, Audi is going the route of the autonomous high-performance vehicle for its solution to this futuristic quandary. And so the struggle begins between man and machine. Will the autonomous driving RS 7 concept car best the professional human driver or will man triumph over his own creation? Check out the video from the guys at Fifth Gear to see the result!

Something about driving that computers can’t yet touch is the emotional connection between driver and vehicle. A computer inside a car doesn’t feel a surge of adrenaline as it hugs a corner, it can’t tell itself to try harder or move faster out of a desire to win, and for that reason, here at Audi of Mendham we’re going to stick with driver-driven cars for the time being.

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