Two Ways to Use Your Audi MMI® Touch Response System

Owners of new Audi models incorporated with the Audi MMI® Touch Response System can look forward to a more convenient driving experience thanks to all the features that come with it. With this system, you can not only access vehicle settings but access a library of information and entertainment. To demonstrate, we have outlined two ways that you can use Audi MMI® on your trips.

Navigation and Destination Entry

Looking for a place to go? Then you will appreciate the built-in search function of the Audi MMI® Touch Response System. Make sure that the navigation menu on the left-hand panel of the upper screen is selected and click the magnifying glass on the left-hand corner of the map. Once highlighted, a gesture pad will appear on the bottom screen. Here, you can use your index finger to write in a word such as "tower." The system will then automatically search for related destination. Choose the destination from the list that interests you, and voila! You will receive turn-by-turn directions right away.

MMI® Search Media

Looking for a specific song? Then the Audi MMI™ Touch Response System will come in handy once more. As in the previous example, you will want to make sure that the media menu is selected on the left-hand panel of the uppermost screen. This will bring up the main media screen. From there, you will choose more options which is depicted as a set of four squares. Once the options are up, you can click on search and utilize the gesture pad on the bottom screen. Once more, you can write in a letter or a word, and the system will pull up related media.

Contact Our Representatives at Audi Mendham

The best way to learn more about your new Audi MMI® Touch Response System is to take a closer look at your vehicle's brochure. If you would like to have any questions answered, however, then we suggest you visit our Audi dealership in Mendham, New Jersey. Our representatives can demonstrate how to use this system personally so you can make the most of your vehicle.

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