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The Audi A3 nj is part of a new wave of luxury sedans released by Audi, and they are highly regarded as some of the best in their class. The Audi A3 might seem like its amazing look and feel are its only strong suits, but with an engine that can pack up to 186 horsepower, we can assure you that its inner race car is alive and well. The Audi A3 nj is certainly a new type of sedan, and the specs will leave you speechless and willing to buy.

Audi made sure that their car rode like, well, an Audi, so they placed suspension stabilizers in the rear of the car to help keep the car steady on the road, and not jump at every crack and crease. The windows are all heated, along with the rear-view mirrors. The leather upholstery is all heated with power functions added, and the interior also features an automatic temperature control. All four of these features make driving in the cold a lot more bearable. The Audi A3 also fashions speed sensitive wipers on the front windshield as well as on the rear windshield. This is so the driver doesn't fall prey to harsh conditions such as torrential rain or sleet. Of course, no luxury vehicle is complete without a central panel, and the A3 is known to have some of the best panels in the industry. These are the control units in the center dashboard, where you can adjust the temperature manually or change the music on your Bluetooth-capable device.

The last set of specs for this vehicle is the engine and the fuel efficiency. The Audi A3 nj tends to impress in this category, boasting a 2.0L, four-cylinder engine with an automatic six-speed transmission. This proves that even though it's a sedan, it can still drive like an Audi. The A3 also boasts striking gas mileage numbers, bewildering critics with an impressive 24 miles-per-gallon in the city. If that doesn't excite you, then take this car out on the highway, where it get an electrifying 31 miles-per-gallon. This vehicle's fuel efficiency is astounding, and the powerful engine only tops it off. The Audi A3 has impressed car critics across America, and it will do the same for you.

For many, the price is everything. After all, if you don't plan your finances, you often find yourself low on funds when you don't expect to be. The price on this car is rather surprising; after everything said about this vehicle, other luxury cars such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Maserati come to mind that end up costing around $60,000 and above. This is not the case with the A3; in fact, it's half of the cost of regular luxury sedans such as this. The Audi A3 nj, depending on what style, is around $40,000. This is an reasonable price for people who want a high-grade luxury sedan.

The Audi A3 nj is an amazing car, and the price is right. For everything in this car, there isn't more you could ask for. What this sedan does rivals luxury vehicles everywhere, and for a low price, you could have an A3 right in your garage.

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